I am the tech lead for Playground Sessions


  • I love my wife
  • I love my children
  • I love home construction
  • I love words fitly spoken
  • I love triumphant music
  • I love creating
  • I love reading
  • I love real-time communication

A Brief Timeline of my Early Technical History

2002 – At Purdue University, I am introduced to coding with MATLAB. I write code to overlay lines on a microscopic image of aluminum crystals to calculate the average grain index. I am awed by how quickly all of this can occur.

2006 – I have a new-found love of solving real-world engineering problems, so I post some to a simple website. My friends like solving them, so I keep track of their progress, like a leaderboard, on the site. I am thrilled to make something that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.

2007 – A group of campus organizations want to collaborate together on a week’s worth of service projects. My brother and I create a website where leaders can see any students who signed up for their project. Hundreds of students sign up. We are quite pleased, and quite confident in our abilities.

2007 – I graduate with a Chemical Engineering degree from Purdue University. I go to work making solid rocket boosters for the space shuttle program. However, this is not as exciting as it sounds, since there is a lack of unsolved problems.

2008 – My brother and I create a site for a company that sells plots of land. For the first time, we get paid to program, and we love it!

2009 – I want a backup solution for my websites. I repurpose an old computer, spend hours learning linux, and learn how to schedule daily backups. I revel in the fact that I have automated a lot of manual work.

2010 – I am laid off. Chemical Engineering jobs are hard to find near me, but I have a lot of reasons to stay where I am for a while, so I keep searching.

2011 – I land a job rebuilding a company’s custom, project management application from Delphi using web technologies. I love creating code which enables others to work more efficiently.

2012 – The company wants more features, so I build them. I hire a team of developers. I have realized my passion - enabling people with software.